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Seashells by the Sea Shore in Galveston TX

Bring on the sun, the waves, the sounds of the birds, and tons of different types of seashells. The beauty and mystery of seashells can be seen whether the sun is shining on a warm summer day, or it's dreary rain or cold weather later in the year. Take your stroll along the coast and see how many different types of seashells you can encounter. The ...
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Enjoy the Island Life While Saving Money on Vacation

Is the island calling to you? Do you feel like vacation adventures cost too much and seem bleak to save for? Today we discuss some ways for you to save money while on your beach vacation. Let the beauty of the waves call to you while you find ways to keep the green in your wallet. 1. Plan and Stick to It . If you define your vacation priorities bef...
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The Treats of Galveston - The Hidden Gems

Whether local to the area, near enough for a quick getaway, or traveling from afar to Galveston Island, there is so much to do for all budgets and adventure levels. For families, couples, or the lone individual, Galveston has something for everyone. Of course, there are obvious spots like Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, Pleasure Pier, San Luis, and t...
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Explore Galveston Island on a Budget

We are halfway through 2018 and summer fun in the sun is here. If you want to enjoy Galveston Island on a budget, then read on to see the top things to do. Salt life is enticing to many for a list of reasons that vary from person to person. Ever wonder why every summer break, you want to run to the beach? Well indulge your vacation senses and join ...
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Family Fun in Galveston Summer 2018

Fun in the sun is an all-inclusive description of summer activities available for the picking in Galveston, TX. Galveston Island is home to many avenues of entertainment, so no matter your interest, Galveston has something for you.This blog gives a glimpse of outdoor family friendly activities.Low key fun via sea shell collection, strolls on the be...
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Enjoy Galveston Beach Summer 2018

  Summer is right around the corner, so the time is fast approaching to plan the festivities. Whether travel near or far, there is plenty to do on Galveston Island. No matter what kind of things you like to do for fun or relaxation, Galveston will be the spot you want to spend your days and nights. Let the salt life seem into your skin, go thr...
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Enjoy Galveston Before or After Your Cruise

 If your summer vacation plans are to debark Galveston to the some where exotic outside of the United States, then remember your vacation goes beyond the cruise and port activities, as there is plenty to do before you leave Galveston Island. Check out the options for stuff to do in Galveston, depending on how much time you haveā€¦ Only a few hou...
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Spring Break in Galveston 2018

Spring Break in Galveston 2018 Are you ready for Spring Break? Are you ready for some waves, some fun, relaxation, or budget-friendly break from work, school, and exams? No matter your reasons for escape, look no further than Galveston Island Texas. With plenty to do regardless of your level of adventure, Galveston is the place to be and Galveston ...
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