Summer is right around the corner, so the time is fast approaching to plan the festivities. Whether travel near or far, there is plenty to do on Galveston Island. No matter what kind of things you like to do for fun or relaxation, Galveston will be the spot you want to spend your days and nights. Let the salt life seem into your skin, go thru your bones, and speak to your soul. If the school, work, and the hustle of daily life has you tense, stressed out, and just ready to escape, look no further than Galveston Beach. Below is a list of things to do, places to eat, and an overall idea of just how perfect Galveston will be.

It's a necessity for survival but why not have a meal that's fully succulent! For every food desire you have, you can find something on the Island. Galveston Island has a vibrant restaurant scene full of diversity from Central American, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, German, European, and Japanese food. Whether you want to try something new, go to an old favorite, or compare food back home to what the Island has to offer, Galveston doesn't disappoint. Seafood options galore and good old-fashioned burgers are in great supply. You can satisfy every sweet tooth craving at almost all the restaurants or have a feast at the Melting Pot or La King's Confectionery. No matter your budget, from cheaper, is better to all out extravagant, you have a multitude of options available at your fingertips. Check out Galveston for a better idea of experiences, costs, and locations. Stay at Galveston Beach Condos and be within short walking or driving distances from all the great tastes available.


Here lies the true beauty of the Island, for no matter your desire, you can find the fun, the r & r, or the total soul-searching relief at your toes and fingertips. From short getaways to long vacations, you can fill your days and your nights full of activity. Enjoy access to all of it with a luxurious beach house that's reasonably priced at Galveston Beach Condos.

Walk the beach at any time and take in the radiating sun, the crashing waves, feel the sand beneath your feet, listen to the life above you with all the different kinds of birds, look past the beach and see the vastness of the ocean, or take in the sights as you face the city. You can also enjoy the 1,200-acre state park which is great for a kayak, nature exploring, bird walks, and more.

Pleasure Pier is available for those wanting a theme park thrill of amusement rides with pizza, popcorn, and drinks or enjoys Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

For the shopping enthusiast or if you just want to stroll around taking in the city, hit up the historic downtown district, you'll see boutiques, art galleries, and plenty of everything in between, or stroll over to Post Office Street for more art viewing and antique shopping.

R & R, rest and relaxation is a must for a true vacation, after or before all the excitement of fun activities, so let it all soak in and slip away with a spa treatment. Spa options available at Spa San Luis, The Spa at Moody Gardens Hotel, or The Spa at Hotel Galvez, and all three locations have special spa options available for expectant mothers, so you too can enjoy getting off your feet.

If you want to vacation in a true luxurious fashion, your options are big and glamorous in Galveston. From helicopter rides and villa enjoyment to high-class spa experiences at Spa San Luis, you can feel like the rich and famous for as long as you wish. Take the style up a notch with an evening drive along the beach in a Bentley. Have the ultimate adventure rush with sea excursions with parasailing, diving the Flower Garden Banks, or take a private yacht with a full-service staff.

Vacation time can be all about letting loose, including that waistband as you indulge in all that calls your name, or for those travelers who want to stay active to ensure the waistband stays put, you can enjoy your runs along the beach, the Seawall is over 10 miles long, so you can jog along the wall or add more intensity to your workout and run on the beach itself. Something not as obvious of a workout…go paddleboarding with Ohana Surf & Skate or hit up Moody Gardens and take on the ropes course and zip line experience. Now if you came to relax, let the calming of yoga speak to you with sunrise or sunset yoga led by experienced instructors from The Body Space Yoga & Pilates.


With so many motels, hotels, and beach houses available for your occupancy, you don't have a short supply of options. Galveston Beach Condos brings the lush style of luxury to your fingertips at a reasonable vacation cost. The beauty goes beyond the view with Galveston Beach Condos, you have all you need to stay in and cook or relax with a gorgeous view. A great stay for the romantic getaway or the family vacation. Check availability here.