We are halfway through 2018 and summer fun in the sun is here. If you want to enjoy Galveston Island on a budget, then read on to see the top things to do. Salt life is enticing to many for a list of reasons that vary from person to person. Ever wonder why every summer break, you want to run to the beach? Well indulge your vacation senses and join in on the festivities of Galveston TX. Whether you are on a summer break, a vacation getaway, or just a day off and a short drive from home, Galveston has plenty to do that won't break the bank.

Budget is a fluid term that doesn't mean equal amounts to everyone, so below we have broken down activities into price brackets. Read the article in its entirety for a grand idea of things to do, because you can always plan another trip to the Island, or find your bracket of preference, and get started on the fun today.

$50 or less

$15 or less


This list is only the beginning of the endless opportunities awaiting your exploration and experience on Galveston Island. The amount of fun you can have depends on you. If you want to do everything on this list and more, the best place for you to stay while you enjoy Galveston Island is Galveston Beach Condos. Check here for our availability.