Bring on the sun, the waves, the sounds of the birds, and tons of different types of seashells. The beauty and mystery of seashells can be seen whether the sun is shining on a warm summer day, or it's dreary rain or cold weather later in the year. Take your stroll along the coast and see how many different types of seashells you can encounter. The hobby of collection doesn't have any restrictions or requirements. The natural beauty of the seashell has an education awaiting discovery. What's the name of the seashell? What type of organism grows inside the seashell? How do you classify the different types of seashells, etc?

If you are pondering starting up the hobby collection or you've been avid seashell collector for years, you can always enjoy the awe in quiet solitude, or you can join a group/club of collectors and expand socializing while enjoying a shared interest. Did you know that the collection of seashells is an international phenomenon that includes natural museums?

As always, with anything interacting with the living creatures of nature, there are guidelines, rules, and regulations that must be followed. There are also fines when the laws are broken. Be sure to get educated before you start this journey of collection, or before you venture to a new beach.

What purpose does the shell have? Although they are unique and beautiful, shells are the home to soft-bodied organisms. They are the protective layer against the elements and enemies. When an organism dies or moves out, another organism may take up residence in the shell.

When to go shell hunting. Anytime you are on a stroll you can come across seashells, but some of the best times to be on the lookout are after a storm or at low tide.

What do you need to collect shells? A small shove for gentle digging; something to carry your new treasures in; mesh screen to help with sand or mud; a guidebook so you know what you are keeping

If you are ready to begin your collecting adventures, or are already an avid partaker, come on over to Galveston Island and see what our sea life, coast, and area have to offer. The condos at Galveston Beach Condos provide excellent amenities to help with cleaning your seashells, and the large balcony is a great place to let nature dry and clean the specimen.